01 January 2017

3 Hacks to Spy on Android Phone

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Anee Syed
Drupal Developer

People these days can trust their #smartphone with anything. They store #photos upon photos on them, shop online using their credit card information, and share their deepest thoughts with their #friends through #IM-chats like #WhatsApp and#Viber. In this situation, when all your #important-data is stored on your #phone, it would be rather inconvenient if you somehow lose it all to theft or a #security breach. This is why you need to learn how to spy on Android phone so that you can track your own device no matter where it is and save all your data from being intercepted by a third #party.

Having your #pictures stolen from your phone can be a#stressful event leading to cyberbullying, #embarrassment and even identity theft in many cases. It’s why you need all the protection you can get. #Thankfully, the internet has lots of solutions to help you with this conundrum, and we’ve compiled a few for you right here.

XNSPY #Mobile-Tracker
Here’s a great #application for Android phones that is generating buzz recently. It is a #mobile #tracker and it’s called#Xnspy. This #app, when installed onto a smartphone or tablet, gives the owner remote control of it. This means that the owner can access all the data contained within the phone from an online portal. In case the device is ever stolen, the owner will be able to:

Track back the phone through #GPS
Place #geo-fences around areas
Wipe off the phone’s #memory
Lock the phone temporarily.
Xnspy makes it convenient for you to protect your data, at least until you are able to retrieve your device. Please click here, If you want to know more about xnspy android monitoring features.

Device Locator

Another app tracks GPS location. Installing it on your phone would mean that you’d be able to follow your phone around through your computer. You need to set up an account first, though. This application has the phone lock #feature as well that helps keep security defaulters away, at least from internal#data.

Mobile Spy

This is another application that monitors #Android phones. It gives you access to the files on your phone so that you are able to save them for later use in case you ever lose your phone. This means you can at least retrieve all your photos from the phone and save your online identity from being stolen along with your phone.

It is always important to take the right steps to securing data instead of waiting around for something bad to happen. Why wait around for your phone to get stolen before you start taking measures when you’ve got 3 #hacks to secure your data right here? So go on and learn how to #spy on #Android-phone and you’ll be in the clear.

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